Saturday, November 19, 2011

thankful post #19

november 19th, i'm thankful for..

days without a set schedule.

it's a rare thing lately where i have a day where i can do whatever i want without having to be somewhere at a specific time or get something done by a certain time, etc. 
which is good because it makes for the weeks of this dreaded deployment fly by, but at the same time- i just need a breather every now and then!
and today was that day :) and i'm so thankful for it! 
i was able to get some "me time" in by going to the gym, finishing up some errands that have been put on hold, work on an anniversary slide show that i'll be sending out to charlie in his anniversary care package, and i was also able to talk with my awesome sister-in-law, bethany for a while which is always nice :) [love you bet!]

OH! and i'm oh so thankful that today was flower delivery day! 
i have one heck of a man ♥

happy saturday, everyone!

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