Friday, November 18, 2011

thankful post #18

november 18th, i'm thankful for..

my health.

every day i am thankful that i can walk without pain, 
i'm thankful that i can breath without effort, 
i'm thankful that i don't have chronic pain anywhere in my body, 
i'm thankful that my bowels work properly, 
i'm thankful that my heart is healthy [except for the few palpitations that occur every day with my mitral valve prolapse..but i'm not complaining, it could be much worse! my cup is half full :)] 
i'm thankful for a functioning brain,
i'm thankful for healthy bones and muscles that allow me to do even the most simple of daily tasks,
i'm thankful that i don't have to take a prescription everyday, 
i'm thankful that i don't have any deadly allergies, 
i'm thankful that i rarely have to go to the doctor. 

i am so blessed with a healthy body and i only pray that myself, charlie and all of our friends and family will be continued to be blessed with good health. 

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