Thursday, November 17, 2011

thankful post #17

november 17th, i'm thankful for..

never having to go hungry.

growing up, whenever i would say "i am STUFFED" after a meal, my mom would always say- without fail, "you're a lucky girl. there are many people in the world that will never know the feeling of being 'stuffed'."
and on the flip side, when i was hungry and say [with exaggeration] "i'm STARVING" she was quick to remind me that i indeed was not starving, and i will never know the feeling of starvation. 

well mom, you were right!
[she's going to LOVE reading that sentence...haha]

i am very thankful that i always have food in my pantry and fridge. i'm thankful that i can just drive to the grocery store and purchase fresh fruits and veggies. and i'm thankful i've always had the proper nutrition while growing up and was never diagnosed with any diseases and illness that come along without vital nutrients.


  1. word! i think we are on the same wavelengths. i was thinking about this exact thing yesterday!!!

  2. haha! how funny :) but i'm not surprised...we tend to finish each other's sentences. must be a sister thing ;) xo


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