Wednesday, November 16, 2011

thankful post #16

november 16th, i'm thankful for..

[it's almost sad how dependent we are with our cell phones these day, huh?]

my cell phone/aka: our marriage lifeline since august! 

besides the occasional letter, phone calls are the only other form of communication for us being 7,500 miles apart. most other military couples get the luxury of emails and even skype [lucky ducks!] but not us. which is fine, i'm happy with just hearing his voice every other week or so.

another amazing thing my phone does for me every day...
receive pictures of this little cutie pie..

thank you mr. alexander bell for being brilliant and inventing the telephone. you are awesome! 
i owe ya one.

1 comment:

  1. gosh, seeing his photo this large (and not on my tiny phone screen!) you can really see how strawberry blonde his eyebrows are! haha! they are really light, anyway...hardly notice them in normal day to day life! haha!


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