Tuesday, November 15, 2011

thankful post #15

november 15th, i'm thankful for..

indoor plumbing and running water.

man oh man i'm one happy lady that i've never had to have an outhouse as a bathroom for my own home. 

side story: i always remember the story of my grandma when she was a little girl..she grew up on a farm in michigan and their home didn't have indoor plumbing and one day she went to do her "business" and FELL into the hole! hahaha poor grandma. 

i mean really, how convenient is it to just have your toilet handy throughout the day? especially in the middle of the night! i'd hate to walk outside half asleep about to pee my pants. nothankyou.

and running water- how i love you!
brushing my teeth, washing dishes, washing my clothes, taking an awesome hot shower before bed, washing my face, washing my hands..the list goes on! 
life is SO much easier with running water! so thankful.

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