Monday, November 21, 2011

thankful post #21

november 21st, i'm thankful for..

our car.
[this is where i would insert a picture of our car, but i just realized i don't have a picture of it! after almost 6 years of having the same car, you'd think i'd have a picture. nope.]

our 2002 white mitsubishi eclipse. 
good 'ol daphne. [yes, i named her daphne when i first got her at 16. i never really call her by name though...]
anyways. our car may be small and now has over 110,000 miles on it but [knock on wood..] she still works like a champ! 
i'm thankful that my dad always taught me to keep good care of her and keep up with oil changes, tire rotations, and other car necessities.
and i'm thankful that both my brother and my dad are pretty darn car savvy so whenever i have a question or problem, they almost always have the answer for me!

a dependable car is such a blessing. 

and we can't wait to purchase our first vehicle together next year! 
bye bye eclipse helloooooo equinox! 
[i'm starting to think this whole "goodbye" to my first car is going to be harder than i many memories!]

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