Thursday, February 10, 2011


hmm..weird how we haven't updated in a couple weeks. nothin' too exciting has been goin' on in the osborne household apparently. but i will give you a little update :)

-we're starting to make some friends in our new town! makes for fun double or triple date nights.
-we bought a TV! an insignia 42" plasma from best buy. [thank you super bowl blowout sale!]
-along with our new tv, we signed up for a fantastic deal with directv. now we can be caught up with the ellen degeneres show, american idol, and all the new country music videos on know, all the important stuff on television..
-we're OBSESSED with Dexter.
-a week after we got married, we found out that charlie is getting deployed to Afghanistan on september 11th [they couldn't have picked a better day?..] for 7 months. sad about it. but the good news is that when charlie comes back [safe and sound!] he's out of the corps in a month and a half! yesss!
-i've started a little work out plan called "slim in 6". and boy, am i SORE. :) [supposedly i'll drop 15-20 pounds in 6 weeks. i love the sound of that!]
-i'm getting to be a pretty darn good chef since i cook just about every night for my man. tonight's dinner: lemon herb chicken with sautéed mushrooms and broccoli. yum!

thaaaat's about it for now folks! valentine's day is comin' up. i'm hoping for a memorable and romantic first valentines with the husband...[we'll see about that haha.]


  1. Thanks for taking good care of our boy. We miss you two.

  2. of course! i love doing it. we miss you all, too! we can't wait to go back up to oregon


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