Saturday, January 29, 2011

gettin' there

charlie's been away for work cold weather training in bridgeport, california.
[think: sleeping in the snow...eek! my poor baby.]
anyways, i've been trying to keep busy at home to make time go by faster.
i wanted to try to get as much done to the house for when he comes home next week.
[kind of a little "welcome home" thing :)]
before he left, our master bedroom didn't have anything in it besides our vacuum and our clothes hamper.
but now...
it's gradually getting to be a comfy, cozy, and relaxing room.
here's what our room looked like before...

and now after! 
[note: there's still a bit more to do.]
also, i would like to point out that I, girly-girl samantha, hung the curtain rod & curtain ALL BY MYSELF. with a power tool. my husband will be so proud :)

i also got this cute framed artwork at good 'ol home goods for above the stove. our kitchen doesn't seem as *naked* now.

i'll throw in a few more pics of our kitchen. just for the heck of it :)

i still need to finish staining our giant oak-unit before he comes home, too. gotta get crackin' on that.

p.s. today is our 1 month anniversary! i love being a wife to my husband :)


  1. Looks lovely, Sam. Hope your job search turns out well.

  2. Sam! how do you do all this fun stuff to your profile? teach me your ways! lol

  3. bridget- LOOOVE your name "byrne baby byrne" so clever :) and i hired someone to do my profile cause i have no idea how to make it *this* cute. haha! but i do know a little bit. try :)


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