Monday, February 14, 2011

love day

i've always loved valentine's day.
even back in my single days!
there's always been something about love that i love.
and now that cupid finally speared his arrow into the right guy last year, i have the most amazing man to spend love day with :)

on saturday we went to my favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory, in newport beach in fashion island.
appetizer was calamari. yum.
i had the margarita pizza. yum
charlie had the four cheese pasta. yum.
and for dessert..
i chose the banana cream cheesecake [like i do every time.] yum.
hubs had blueberry white chocolate cheesecake. yum. [but not as yummy as mine. but i'm a little bias.]

then today, after charlie came home from work, i lit about 60 or so candles around the house, made an easy smeezy crock pot dinner, and a giant heart cookie for dessert. 
a romantic night in for valentines is always the best ;)

cream cheese chicken and broccoli with pasta.

didn't want to whip up some frosting, so chocolate chips will have to do!

my husband always has to involve the word "poop" of some sort in his drawings or when telling a joke or when he hacks my facebook.
[he's so mature sometimes]
he does it because he knows it makes me laugh.
but look how cute his heart is :)

and since this post is about love day, here are some love quotes that are a new addition to our home!
this hangs to the side of our vanity.

i plan on doing some stencil work around this quote above our bed.

hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day!
and i hope you told that special someone how much you love them.
tell them tomorrow...and the next day too. :)


  1. hi samantha! saw your blog via facebook and just have to tell you that i think your cookie cake is ADORABLE. looks like you guys had a fun valentine's day :)

  2. thanks!! i just strolled around your blog just now, and it is so fun! love it. so i added it to my blog list :) hehe

  3. awww- cute! glad you guys had a nice first vday!


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