Friday, November 26, 2010

sore loser

it used to be my favorite game.
i've never lost. [except for one time. i must have let them win]
then i made the mistake of teaching charlie how to play.
now he's beat me TWICE.
never again.
yup, i'm a sore loser.
i'm determined to win but i'm just afraid i'll loose again :(
& i know charlie is just laaaaughing at this post.
i'll get you back, babe. just you watch.


  1. Ha, I see a Scrabble challenge in the offing. December 27th in Murrietta. Prepare to be whupped by another Osborne!

  2. NOOO!! i'll be studying the scrabble dictionary to prepare for this event.

  3. Haha! There's quite a few games Chris refuses to play now because I always beat him. I'd be up for that Scrabble challenge. Except I don't think anyone will beat Mom.

  4. i will beat mom! i am the champion!!!!!!! (charles)

  5. Dream on, Charlie. You might come up with a lot of words, but you know they'll be spelled wrong and only I will dare to challenge you.
    We shall see.

  6. oooo those are scrabble fightin' words! watch out now


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