Thursday, November 25, 2010

giving thanks

i hope you all had a yummy and fun thanksgiving with people you love!

in honor of thanksgiving, i thought i'd share just a few things that i am thankful for..
[not in any particular order....except maybe for number one :) ]

-for a loving, hardworking fiancé that i love beyond words.
-for parents who are doing all they can to make our wedding special & who have always been there for me.
-family..especially the newest member of our family, my nephew, Rowen.
-for a whole new family that i'm joining next month. [love you, osborne family!]
-for friends
-for my health and my family & friend's health
-for a roof over my head
-for education
-for being an American and having freedom
-for work
-for our Heavenly Father's love
-for my memories
-for every day

hopefully you had time today to stop & think what you're thankful for.

now we're onto full fledged CHRISTMAS SEASON!!! ahh...the best time of the year!

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