Sunday, November 28, 2010

i hate how i never come up with clever title names.

we had a great, long four-day weekend.

first was thanksgiving. bummed that we didn't get a least one picture that day but that might be due to the fact that we didn't have thanksgiving dinner together [how sad, huh?!] i stayed with my fambam while charlie stayed with the family he rents a room from. but we both agreed- no more holidays apart! and that makes me one happy girl.

friday we took two car loads of stuff to our apartment. it's starting to look very "homey" now & we absolutely love it.

on saturday morning, me, charlie and our friend john went out to breakfast at the original pancake house. YUM. 
then went couch shopping afterwards. with no such luck there, we just hung out doing a whole lotta nothin' until the evening time. [sometimes doin a whole lotta nothin' is the best] so we did that 'till our friend shelby, who was visiting home from college, had the bright idea to do a bon fire at the beach! [i know what you're thinking...beach? in november? yes, you read right.]
and it was so fun! after we got the fire goin' we went straight into making s'mores. cause, i mean, what's a bon fire without s'mores?!
& of course we took some pics :)

*fun fact about sam: she always eat one s'more then foregoes the mallow and graham cracker & eats just the chocolate. [surprised? me neither.]

the man loves his marshmallows.

and the last day of our four day weekend consisted of church, food & being lazy. just how i love my sundays.

hope you all had a fabulous long weekend as well!

p.s. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas... :)

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