Tuesday, November 30, 2010

mail call

yesterday my mom and i went to the post office to weight the wedding invitations, get them stamped and on their way to their destinations! [including 11 either going to england, new zealand & australia]
i had a huge slap in the face [not literally, obviously] when i saw how much all the stamps cost. my jaw dropped. i even pulled out my phone calculator to make sure the lady didn't rip us off. apparently my mom knew how much it'd be already.. well laa-dee-daa ;)

i'm so very excited that we finally got them all hand addressed [thank you, janelle!] stuffed with the invitation info, sealed and sent off! such a weight lifted off my shoulders.

now i can only hope that EVERYONE rsvp's! even if you can't make it! it's just polite, dang it :)

before i "stuffed" all the envelopes

there they are! waitin' to be mailed :)
aaallll 200 of 'em

let the rsvp's start rollin' in, people! :)


  1. So, about $100, right?
    And no, most people won't RSVP. Sad fact of life. But here's mine: we're coming! Two people from our house.

  2. We got the invitation yesterday!Feels good to make checks on the checklist!? We will be sending our RSVP this week!

  3. sue- it was more than that....liiiiike double. eek! cause we put stamps on the rsvp envelopes, too.

    ryan&brooke-yes! it's the BEST to notice my checklist getting all complete haha looking forward to you guys being there!

  4. Yep, the envelopes must have been overweight or oversized or something too. But I'll bet you get most people replying, with the stamps on them.


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