Wednesday, December 1, 2010

so much to little time

[warning: i will ramble on and on in this post.]

december seems to always be a crazy jam packed month as it is, but this year it's extra packed [all in a good way]
my mind has been going a mile a minute with every single detail i need to fit in the schedule.
and if you know me, i'm a list maker but i can't even make lists lately because i would have, ohhh about...32497 random papers with chicken scratch on them with all my random thoughts and reminders.

here's a little snippet of what's goin' through my noggin this very moment...
-work work work almost everyday [which is a blessing, so glad i have a job that i LOVE]
-uhh hello WEDDING PLANNING. luckily everything is pretty much done.
-christmas gifts to buy everyone. with what money? who knows. someway, somehow.
-my birthday. [am i even doing anything on my birthday? oh yeah, working. boo.]
-charlie being gone on some training thing again till the 20th. [enter sad face] hoping to see him on the weekends. ohhh life with a marine fiance :)
-fitting in extra clients in my free time.
-decorating the apartment slowly so it's done by january 1st. haha who am i kidding. it won't be done by then.
-exchanges/returns for shower/wedding gifts that we got double of. the pile is sitting next to me. if i look at it long enough i get angry that i haven't done it yet.
-trying to spend some play time with my nephew everyday. he's so fun :)
-i would like exercise every day like i used to and maybe loose a few pounds before the wedding. we'll see if that happens. gosh i need to be more motivated. charlie, help me with this, please!

blah blah blahhhh see what i mean? my mind is a mess right now.

can it just be the end of the month now so i can marry the man of my dreams? that would be awesome.

thanks for letting me vent a bit. i'm sure i lost most of you in the middle of the post. sorry 'bout it. sometimes a girl just needs to ramble :)

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