Wednesday, November 3, 2010


i love halloween.
it's the start of the holiday season [which i can't believe is already here]
it means yummy cold weather meals
cozy clothes
autumn weather
hot chocolate
fire in the fireplace
the list goes on

this halloween we celebrated by..
grubbing on some soup, chili, cornbread, twice baked potatoes & of course candy [chocolate to be exact]
passed out candy to the little ones
charlie scaring trick or treaters with a black mask & glowing red eyes [he had to stop because some of them were getting too scared]
& finally ending the night cuddling under a blanket next to the bon fire [cue the "awws"]

i may have went a little overboard with editing this one, but i had to make up for the blurriness 

here's a better picture of charlie's scary mask

we had a great first halloween together.
then again, any day we're together is great :)


  1. ay yi yi. you two are so giddy & in love it's disgusting :) juuuuuuust kidding. i love reading about your life together. it's so refreshing to see people in LOVE. xo!

  2. thank you, molly :)
    i was just reading your blog, and i looove all your posts! such a good writer, you are :)

  3. May you have many more happy Halloweens together.


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