Saturday, November 6, 2010

home sweet home...almost

today, the fiancé and i went to sign our lease papers for our soon to be apartment.
kinda weird [and by weird i mean 'awesome'] 
an added bonus is that we got a little sneak peek of our empty little home!

this wasn't the first time i've seen the place since the apartment used to be my sisters. 
it was perfect timing for us to JUMP at the chance to be the new renters because my sister, her husband and my amazingly adorable 2 month old nephew are in the process of buying their first home [CONGRATS, GUYS!]. 

we are THRILLED to be able to create memories there.
what's not to love?
we have a guest bedroom
a very good size patio/garden [we're planning on hosting the best bbq's of summer 2011, fyi]
a quiet, safe neighborhood
close to EVERYTHING. just a hop skip & a jump away from disneyland, angel stadium and the beach. take your pick :) [and also oh-so-close to one of my best friends, liana!]

i. can't.wait. to start painting, putting up pictures, decorating and all that fun stuff to make it move in ready when we get hitched. [don't worry, pictures will be a part of that process]

p.s. what's a post without a picture?
here's that cute nephew of mine i was talking about a little bit ago..his name is Rowen :)
it's ridiculous how much i love this little guy


  1. Hey, it's the "chit-chat" button for comments! Got it! :)

    Congrats on the new place! And Rowen is ADORABLE. xoxo!

  2. thanks katrina!
    and about the chit-chat.. yes its the comment button! but i can't figure out how to put it where it says how many "chit chats" (like how yours says "5 hellos!") how do i get the numbers?!

  3. i know you guys will love our old place! xoxo

  4. yay more best friend time!! i'll be over all the time fyi :) at least while charlie is working. ps- i recommend going to houston's for a job. you will be so financially stable, it aint even funny!
    love youuu

  5. i know li, you already tolds me to duhhh :) and you better be over there all the time! it'll be like the good ol days in murrieta :)

  6. Sam, I checked mine... go to Dashboard...Design...Blog Posts...Edit... mine was checked to show "5 comments". Try there. :)


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