Thursday, October 28, 2010

charlie's favorite place..

[his home]
we took our first vacay/road trip together, and good news! we didn't kill each other on the 17 hour car ride up! or the 17 hour car ride down, either!we must really love each other ;) mind you, we rode in charlie's two seater 1997 pick up truck.
"cozy" isn't exactly the right word.
luckily we had one another to keep each other company, hold hands, and sing songs with. i know, i know. we're so cute, right?

it was nice to get some time off work to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather oregon has to offer.
but the main point of this trip for me was to meet his family... dun dun DUUNN
and they were awesome! every single one of 'em! [more good news]
i also met some of his closest friends he grew up with.
charlie showed me around town, took me shooting, fishing, shopping, went to a real pumpkin patch..
you know, where you actually get to pick the pumpkins off their vine. ya, that kind.
we jammed a lot into our 8 day trip to newberg. lots of fun memories :)
here's a few snapshots for you to enjoy..

the sunrise on the drive up

natalie & josh

daniel's soccer game 

McKenzie :)

these kids LOVE their uncle charlie
i think "love" is an understatement.

duck water races at the pumpkin patch

that tractor was HARD to climb onto

big green tractor

i found these caterpillars in a corn maze
i had to save 'em from getting squashed!
i must have scared the one i'm holding. it pooped in my hands.

he's so handsome.
& he's all mine :)

fishing at hagg lake

this is one of my favorite pictures of us

i'm a little upset with myself that i didn't take more pictures on this trip.
next time, promise.

it was my first of many trips to oregon. can't wait to go up again!


  1. Thank you for NOT posting any photos of me. 8-D

  2. you are so pretty, darlin!
    i love the pictures and i love caterpillars!!

  3. thanks, li :)
    sue- where's the picture of you?


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