Thursday, October 28, 2010


we started our registry yesterday at TARGET! [one of my top 5 favorite places..most of you shouldn't be surprised by that. ] 
luckily i've turned charlie into a target lover while we were dating. go me!

we were SO excited to start up a club wedd account, get the registry gun [charlie's favorite part] and start scanning away items into our wish list.

it was lots of fun! yet sometimes stressful.. 
"will i like this once it's in the house..." 
"will i really use this a lot?"
"is this hand mixer better..or this one?"
thank goodness for gift receipts, right?
we'll probably be going back soon to add more items. we just can't get enough of good 'ol target.
and maybe make a pit stop to register at bed bath&beyond, too?

secretly i think charlie just wants to play with the scanner gun again.
gotta love him :)


  1. and can add to your registry online....thats where the addiction really kicks in! (for me at least..hehe)

  2. waayyy ahead of you :) i added more online that night! hehe


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