Saturday, July 20, 2013

just a couple of things!

there's a few more things i want to write about our little london girl at age 2 months before we forget, since this is our online journal and everything. :)

-she likes to look at herself in the mirror and smile when i say "who's that cute baby?"

-i had to put away some of her premie size clothing and a couple of newborn size, too. i just about cried. the only thing that makes me feel better is knowing that she still can't fit into some of her other newborn clothing. haha it makes me feel like i still have a tiny newborn. :)

-one of her favorite things to do is go outside and look at the trees. i love watching her discover new things.

-she discovered wrangler the other day and couldn't stop staring at him haha

-ahh, she also discovered the tv a week or so ago. uh ohhhh.

-she enjoys kissing mama and daddy with a nice, gummy and wide open kiss. mmm our favorite! :)

-her favorite binkies are Nuk's. only when falling asleep, though.

-she constantly gets ooo'd and awww'd over in public. people still think and ask if she's a two week old just based on her size haha obviously they aren't looking at her when she's cooing, smiling or holding her head up. that would be some talented 2 week old! people are silly.

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