Wednesday, May 15, 2013

pregnancy favs.

before i got pregnant, i always enjoyed reading about other's favorite pregnancy items. here are just a few of my favorites that i've been obsessed with these last 9 months.

1.  THESE 3/4 sleeve maternity tees are a definitely must have for me! i have them in black [my fav], white, turquoise & green. they're comfy and give lots of room. i also tend to pair it with a cardigan, like the leopard one i've had for YEARS, and a skinny belt to put above my belly. i just think it's a cute look.

2. i've literally been living in THIS maternity skirt day in and day out for the last 3 months haha. i should have bought multiples. even charlie said "umm, babe. you've worn that thing OUT." [don't worry- i wash it on the regular.] if you're pregnant, you NEED this skirt. in every color.

3. no need to have a link for this one. ICED water [emphasis on the ICE.] with either freshly squeezed lemon or those convenient little water flavor powder packets. gotta mix up the plain jane water every once in a while when you're thirsty twentyfoursev.

4. there's plenty of different stretch mark creams out there to choose from. i've used both pure coconut oil and THIS cream. all i know is that i've rubbed one or the other strictly on my tummy and sides and didn't get stretch marks there. but i did on my thighs. *siiiiigh*i'm kicking myself for not rubbing it all over! learn from me, new mamas to be!

5. can't find the exact link for the nursing bra i've been wearing, but HERE is one very similar from the same store. very comfortable and a great price!

6. again, can't find the exact link for the exact pre-natal vitamins i use, but HERE are similar vitamins. [i don't know why doesn't have the actual gummy prenatal vitamins available online that i buy there, but the one attached to the link is simliar. it's not the prenatals that i take.] i, for one, will not take a vitamin on the daily if it's not easily consumed. meaning, if i  have to have water to take it, i'll be lazy and not take it! so since these are chewy, tasty and a little sour- i was all in! love 'em. yum yum yummy.

a couple other favorites that didn't make the picture list:

-charlie. he's a best husband and will be the best daddy. he's been so helpful setting up the crib and other baby essentials, letting me sleep whenever and however long, and loving me through all my "wahhhh i'm fat" whines while reminding me "babe, you're pregnant. NOT fat." thank you for the reassurance, sweetheart. :)


-sweatpants. whatever is comfy and doesn't constrict that growing bump! lately, i've been hittin' up charlie's work-out clothes.

there ya have it, folks! my pregnancy must have items.

now, back to wishing, hoping and praying this sweet little babe makes her appearance asap! we can't wait to meet you, little london girl! [just a gentle reminder, dear daughter, your due date is just a few days away. in case you forgot. ;)]

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  1. I love gummy vitamins too! Glad I'm not the only one :)FYI-you're probably wondering how the heck I know you. I don't. I follow you on instagram because i saw your weim a loooooong time ago when I searched the hashtag. K now I sound creepy. Congrats on your beautiful baby!


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