Thursday, May 9, 2013

baby's hospital bag

*disclaimer: i AM, obviously, a first time mom. so, this post is just what i think would be the essentials in a baby's hospital bag. after i actually go through this wonderful experience of childbirth and staying in the hospital with our brand new bundle of joy, i'll edit this post and write in what i wish we didn't bring, and what i wish we did.*

with that said!

let's take a closer look, shall we?!

i love london's going home outfit. the backside has a rufflebutt with a cute little bow. cue the "awww's". :)

these, i am well aware, will most likely be something that i wish i didn't bring as much of. however, i'm just anticipating her either spitting up all over or who knows- her first blow out! plus, a lady needs wardrobe choices, right? ;)
plus plus- even though we're planning on not staying there a second longer than necessary, what if we have to? might as well be prepared with enough clothes!
not pictured: about 2 or 3 more undershirts.

-again, these items [like the diapers and baby wipes] i probably won't even touch in the hospital. but! i've heard of some mommies wishing they brought their own diapers and wipes because they hated the ones the hospital provided. so, i'm bringing them just a precaution. [brought much more diapers than just three. don'tcha worry!]
-kleenex isn't for baby. it's for me. because i'm sure i'll cry happy tears constantly. :)
-who knows if london will even have hair to brush. but, if she does- as her cosmetologist mommy, she'll have perfect hair when not in a cute newborn hat. :)
-hand sanitizer so that i won't have to get up and wash my hands every time after i change her diaper.
[most of these items are in her hospital/diaper bag for future use. so i figure even if i don't use these items, why not just leave it in there for the future?!]

my mama made me these cute burp cloths and this receiving blanket. [oh, don't worry. we only have about 25 more blankets at home and about 20 more burp cloths. it was HARD to choose which ones to bring along!]
the receiving blanket is pretty much just for going home. she'll probably be wrapped up in that classic hospital blanket while we're there.

-i figured, we'll be having visitors & most likely, a few of those visitors will be there when little miss is hungry. and not everyone will be wanting to view london goin to town on some dinner. ha! nursing cover-up is definitely an essential.
-the boppy. just in case i need it for aid of nursing.
-and nursing pads. i only showed 2 in the picture. i brought a TON.

there ya have it! is there anything you think i missed that i absolutely need that you LOVED having with you in the hospital?? let me know! :)
*my bag has also been packed and ready to go for some time now too, with all my necessities, "just in case's", and comfort items. maybe i'll do a post on that, too.. :)


  1. hehe! You are so cute! I cannot wait to see a baby girl in those outfits!! I am so excited for you guys.
    Ps. If your milk comes in like mine did... You are going to need more nursing pads! LOL

    1. ... and I just realized you said you brought a ton more! LOL ( I swear I am smart!) HAHA

  2. I know this item won't fit in your baby bag, but we brought a small portable fan with us to the hospital. Even though they let you have control of the temperature in the room, it felt great blowing on me during labor and after with all those hot flashes!

  3. You're SO close!! I know I'm a new blog and IG follower, but I am so excited to meet Miss London via pictures! Good luck, mama (not that you'll need it) and congratulations!!!

  4. im in the process of packing my bag too! so fun, but a bit stressful at the same time because you don't really know what you will need. and i LOVE your baby's coming home outfit! so cute!

  5. CHAPSTICK!!!!! You might have it in YOUR bag, but be sure you have some on you... :)

    1. oh, yes that necessity has been in my bag. i'd die without it! :)

  6. We used all the diapers the hospital provided since they used pampers and all he needed was a onesie and to be swaddled (easier for diaper changes). The thing I was glad to have was a bunch of white aiden and annais blankets. When they came to do the hospital photos he looked so sweet wrapped and propped up in them! Also our baby was smaller than we expected and I wish I had my going home outfit in another size since he was swimming in if! Honestly though, the things I found I used most were things for me. Before we went I assumed I would only want to use my things for the baby instead of the hospital's, but once there it was so much easier!

  7. Loved having a nursing bra and a notepad with a pen so you can write down updates on labor.

  8. you might have it with your stuff or at least something to take, but i took my own pillow and was SO glad i did. i may just be a little picky with pillows though.. hahah

  9. This is an awesome post! I can't wait to see your baby in those cute clothes! (LOVE the name London btw!)
    Thanks for sharing:)



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