Saturday, December 15, 2012

our first christmas tree

our two year anniversary is coming up later this month [yay!]
so some might think this is our second christmas together as a married couple, but, it's our first! [for those of you who don't know, charlie was in afghanistan last christmas]
i'm sure you could imagine how EXCITED i am for our first christmas together as a little family!
starting our own traditions, decorating the tree together, eating way too many sweets and simply making memories.

earlier this week we went on a hunt for our christmas tree. since we live in gorgeous oregon now, we thought we'd go out into the woods and cut our own tree down. ya...maybe next year. because, we found a little tiny christmas tree lot that every single penny earned goes to a charity for children's cancer. who can say no to buying a tree that goes to such a great cause?!

we then went home, turned on some christmas music, charlie was busy setting up the tree in the stand and putting the lights on it while i started on making yummy peppermint melt-a-ways.
then we decorated. :)

[sorry for the poor quality. bad lighting combined iphone camera is to blame!]
the L ornament is for our little babe. :) regardless of the gender, the name will be starting with an L [didn't plan on it! just happened that way :)]
we find out if we're having a boy or girl on the 28th! countdown is ON!

osborne christmas 2012 is startin' off to be the best one yet! ;)

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