Thursday, December 20, 2012

baby o vol. 3 [18 weeks]

i'm huge. i know. not normal for a first time mama. but i love showing off my belly :)

How far along? 18 weeks 5 days [as of today, 12-20-12]

How big is baby? 5 1/2 inches, or, about the size of a bell pepper! [the sweetest bell pepper you could ever find!]

Maternity clothes? yes yes and yes. i still squeeze into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, but if i want to be absolutely comfortable, i turn to maternity clothing. tip for all you soon-to-be-mama's out there: H&M has theeee cutest maternity clothing

Stretch marks? so far, so good! praying it stays that way!  

Sleep? still waking up once a night to go pee, and i'm finding that if i don't have a late night snack before bed [soo not used to eating that late], i don't sleep as well. other than that, sleeping is still wonderful! 

Best moment last week? hmm...nothing really new, it's all been the best, i guess :)

Movement? yep! this mama loves to feel baby o kicking away :)  

Food cravings? oooo a couple weeks ago we drove by olive garden and ever since i have been CRAVING their salad and breadsticks. so, of course, we went there on my birthday the other day. one of the best feelings in the world is fulfilling a pregnancy craving.

Food aversions? still not a fan of caramel. but i'm getting much better with it. as in, i can say the word without cringing. 

Gender? we find out next friday! i am so antsy, i tell you!

Labor signs? way too early for that! i've just been having a little bit of braxton hicks contractions here and there. and i've noticed it's when i didn't drink enough water that day. oopsie :/

Belly button in/out? In. normally i have a very inny button, so it's still in; just not as deep.

What I miss: not much- i still LOVE being pregnant! however, i do miss being my thinner self haha unless i look at pictures, i've already forgotten what i look like thin! a friend of mine came over last week and she just looked so thin to me and her tummy was flat! weird concept for me now a days. :) 

What I am looking forward to: finding out the gender. and feeling the kicks daily- it's still sporadic.

Milestones: almost half way! crazy, i tell you! CRAY.ZEE. if for whatever reason i give birth two weeks early, that means i'm already half way done with this pregnancy. ahh! i don't feel ready or prepared at all! 

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  1. HI there!!! I came across your blog and had to come leave a note! You are so cute! congratulations! I adore your blog:) I'm Hanna. I am your newest follower!!! You can find me any ole time over at



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