Sunday, September 23, 2012

whoa, baby!


i'm going to be a mommy! a mommy?!
whoa. :)

charlie and i are completely over the moon about our little sprout.

baby osborne due may 22nd.

p.s. check out the video of when i told charlie. after the initial shock of him being a DADDY, we hugged and kissed and celebrated the life we are creating.
we are so blessed.

[disregard my mouse-like squeals. that's what i sound like when i'm laughing/crying. if you wanted to know..]


  1. so sweet:) i love his reaction!! im so happy for you guys! wrangler's gonna be a big brother haha :)

  2. So so happy for you and Charlie! Congratulations!

  3. SAMMM!!! This almost made me cry. SO SO SO excited for you guys. PS I agree with Noelle. Love Charles reaction. "Why are you still videoing?" haha. Congrats! Love you guys

  4. Too cute!
    Can't wait to see that cute growing belly :)

  5. oh my heck I love this news!! You two are the cutest! Congratulations :)That video is beyond precious!!! I wish we lived by you guys and we can all hang out again.

  6. daysha- thank you! you are just the sweetest. we wish the same thing! we often wonder how you both are doing :) hope all is well over in utah! xoxo

  7. Is it crazy that I don't even KNOW you and I literally almost cried watching that video! CONGRATS!! Oh wow, I probably almost cried because I remember that exact moment like it was yesterday - your life is about to change so much and bring you and your husband even closer! Cherish every moment of the next 9 months because it will FLY by and your little one will be here. oh by the way, I'm Whitney...I found you from "Norrey's" blog :) so glad I did - I'm your newest follower and so excited to read more about you and your little growing family!!!

  8. thank you, sippy cups and pearls! and welcome to the bloggy. :) i love new friends!

  9. Congratulations!!! Im a new follower and so excited to see each step of your beautiful pregnancy!

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  10. so exciting! congrats a million times over!

  11. aww so cute. I love your blog and you're adorable! :)

    your newest follower
    katrina at

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  12. This seriously made me cry!!! I can't stop giggling!!! I love love love it!!! Congratulations! :)


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