Saturday, September 8, 2012

let me explain..

oh. hey! it's samantha.
remember me? if not i don't blame you since i am clearly neglecting our little blog here.


life has been nothing short of crazy. and by crazy, i mean wonderful.

last month i landed an awesome full time job as an administrative assistant at a local appraisal management company. that's right! i'm a workin' woman!

and the other day charlie landed a full time job as an operations manager at a local property management company.
funny how plans change. after we moved up here we decided that i would be the bread winner and charlie would focus on taking advantage of the GI Bill and getting his degree in business management. but with this job opportunity that came his way that we COULD NOT pass up, his schooling will be part-time and his working will be full time. everything happens for a reason, right?

so with all that add in our now 5 month old puppy [who gained six pounds just last week alone!], time with friends, date nights, keeping up the house, trying to squeeze in all our errands on saturdays, church and catching up on sleep on could say we're just a tad busy. :)

so, i'm sorry wittle blog. i'll try not to neglect you like this from here on out.

p.s. YAY september! autumn can't come fast enough!


  1. Wait till you have Kids! :)

  2. ahh yes, but when we have kids my full time job won't be in an office! :)

  3. This is true :) (This is Cousin Ben in Australia by the way...Anonymous comments are a bit stalkerish :) hahahah)


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