Thursday, July 19, 2012

news worthy.

new hair color is totally news worthy, riiiiight?
that's what i thought.

SO! here i am! in all my not-so-blonde glory. [waaaaa! blonde withdrawals are in FULL effect!]

luckily husband loves it. 
me? i really do love the color, just not sure if i like it on me?
i've barely had it done not even 24 hours ago, so i'm still getting used to it.

but, i gotta admit, it is a nice little change. :)


  1. oooh nice color!! change is always hard to get used to even hair color. are you catching yourself in the mirror saying who is that?

  2. meg- kinda! haha every time i look in the mirror i do it to check if it's really darker, or if i'm over exaggerating but NOPE! definitely darker! haha

  3. Looks beautiful Sam Bam! You can pull any color off! <3 it!

  4. You are completely stunning!!! Loving your blog! Newest reader!

  5. wow thanks, danielle! welcome to the blog! :)


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