Saturday, July 7, 2012

i want to remember vol. 2

i feel like i've been ignoring my poor wittle blog lately.
not that i mean to!
just that it seems like we're pretty busy lately and at the end of the day when there's downtime, all i want to do is cuddle with my main squeeze and our little poopbutt puppy. :)

SO on that note!

-i want to remember the excitement charlie and i had picking up wrangler. we seriously couldn't sleep the night before. pretty sure we only got 4 hours [at max!] of sleep. felt like christmas eve for us!

-i want to remember chasing my nephew all around our vacation home in lake tahoe last week. his favorite game is.. "rowen! imma getchoo!" haha he's so fun.

-i want to remember reorganizing our master bedroom at 12:30 am the other night. well worth it! feels like we have so much more room now! and why in the middle of the night, you ask? well, no reason really. seems like most things in our life are not exactly planned and completely spur of the moment. [scary, right? the planner in me has had to learn to let the little things like that gooo.]

-i want to remember seeing how amazing charlie is with our puppy. i know it may sound a little weird, BUT it's just a little preview for me at how hands-on and loving he will be with our children one day.

-i want to remember 4th of july at charlie's sister's house. lots of good food, free ice cream at the most charming little ice cream shop, serendipity, in downtown mcminnville, crazy awesome firework show put on by chris and charlie, and of course, family time. :)

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