Wednesday, March 14, 2012

highlights of the week.

make that the past few weeks.
[stop being a slacker, samantha! sheesh.]

at my last cake lesson last month, we made a jungle cake! 
that gray blob down there is supposed to be a hippo. i'm a rookie. :)

took a trip up to oregon to visit with charlie's family, look for our new home [found the perfect town home for us! cross your fingers all goes as planned!] and to cuddle this little angel. our newest niece, madelyn. i was a total baby hog. love her. 

pretty sunsets make layovers much nicer. 

flower delivery day from my babe. :) as much as i love receiving these every two weeks during deployment, i'll enjoy having my husband home MUCH more. 

one of my best friends, liana, asked me to be a bridesmaid. and how ADORABLE is her little DIY personalized box with her wedding inspirations and little notes?! i'm honored to be a part of her big day.  

husband and i love doing activities and having hobbies together. our next 'thing'? yoga!


spending last saturday in dana point. one of my favorite cities coupled with *perfect* california beach weather makes for one happy girl. 

my first groupon item! we are [were] in desperate need of knives for our kitchen. we seriously would eat our steaks with butter knives. not anymore! woo!

199 days too long without seeing my love. not many more days to go.. :)

why oh WHY can i only find travel size of this glorious lotion?! [this coming from the girl who normally doesn't like the smell of lavender] i bought three the other day to last me until i find a big pump of it. 

receiving texts of this little bundle of joy. is she not the most precious little girl you've ever seen?! 

lastly, a friend of charlie's posted this blog on her facebook about a couple hoping to adopt. i just spent the last hour reading about them, their story and about their two angels in heaven. such a lovely and strong couple. help spread the word so hopefully someday soon they will be chosen to raise a baby. 

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