Wednesday, February 29, 2012

what i wore wednesdays.


sad that i haven't blogged about anything since last wednesday.
i even have an entire trip to oregon that i made this past week that i should write about.
eh, i'll do it eventually.
i don't have much energy due to the cold i got from the airplane. awwwesome.

so, thankfully i was using my noggin' yesterday and snapped a couple pictures of what i wore yesterday since today i'll be sporting husband's oversized shirt and sweats like i did when i was under the weather couple months ago. wah.

back to the point of this post..
this was my cute and simple outfit i wore yesterday.
but let's pretend it was today, mmkay?

white long sleeve: target. 
blue skinny jeans: NY&Co.
coral wedges: payless.
coral scarf: any guesses?? target! ha.
gold bangle bracelets: NY&Co.
turquoise bangle bracelets: forever 21.

if there's any of you out there that actually follow and pay attention, you might be starting to notice that i am the queen of wearing things multiple times. [mixing and matching is key!]
i remember when i was in high school, my older sister looked in my closet and was shocked at how little clothes i had.. [haha! some might beg to differ] anyways. she said that because she thought i had an overstuffed-with-clothes-closet because of the variety of my outfits. she liked how i can create that variety with not much to make it seem like i have a large amount of items in my closet to choose from. 
what she didn't know was that i learned a lot of that from her! [thanks, janelle!] she taught me to have a lot of staple clothing.
dark wash jeans? goes with [almost] everything. especially in the fall/winter!
light was jeans? goes with [almost] everything. especially in the spring/summer!
white top? goes with everything.
black top? goes with everything.
navy blue dress? goes with leggings, or patterned tops, or a cardigan...i could go on.
...see the patten?
that way when you have that awesome bold top, you can pull colors from that and wear a turquoise scarf or your neutral cowboy boots or under a summer dress.. 
a lot of you probably already know this. 
so from here on out, you can play the "i spy" game and notice that i rotate my clothing and accessories a lot. :)


  1. Shoulda taken some of the Emergen-C. Or some of the large bottle of Airborne that is sitting on the counter.
    Hey, you fixed the comments thing. Was it the template?

  2. i fiddled with a couple different things but i think it was the template. thanks for the tip, now my comments are magically fixed! yay!


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