Wednesday, February 29, 2012

my february challenge

for those of you who aren't iPhone users, let me tell ya about a little app that i l.o.v.e.
it's called instagram.
i explain it to people as it basically being a facebook that's just for photos.
which is nice! because half the pictures i take i don't necessarily *want* to upload on facebook.
enter instagram!
you can follow other users, and vice versa.
you can "like" photos, and comment on them.
oh- and they have awesome editing tools on it, too.
so, you can see why i love it, right?
there's a web version of instagram that you can take a gander at if ya want. and it's called "webstagram" i thought it was fitting. the link to it is on the upper right of my blog. see it?

WELLLLLL there is a user on instagram that started a photo challenge back in january called "january photo a day". and it spread like wildfire. but i didn't participate in that. i did for february, though!
why not, right? it was fun at first but it kinda got to be a chore towards the end. so, i won't be doing anymore daily photo challenges for a few months. :) but i had to finish because i was determined to finish this little challenge.

 1. my view. driving around town and the gym.
 2. words.
3. hands.
4. stranger. can i just say how awkward it was to take a picture of a stranger! hahah i felt like such a creeper.

5. 10am. late church on sundays calls for sleeping in 'till 10. :)
4. dinner. veggies soup, broccoli, mushrooms, and pesto basil tilapia

7. button.
8. sun. i forgot the whole day until i realized the sun was past the hills...oopsie. sunflower it is! ;)

9. front door.
10. self portrait. 
11. something that makes you happy. a lot of things in life make me happy. but this man never fails to constantly make me happy as a clam. love him.
12. my closet. i share the other half with C. :)

13. blue. 
14. heart. my heart tattoo that my rebel 18 year old self got a few years back. still love it. 

15. phone.
16. something new. last month, i hypothetically asked charlie what he would get me if he were home for valentines, and i hinted that i needed perfume so he told me to go ahead and get some. [thanks, bayba!] i got one of his favorite scents on me- stella. by stella mcartney.

17. time. 
18. drink. my evening sleepy time tea in my angels mug. my daddy raised me right- not only am i a baseball girl. but an angels baseball girl. 

19. something i hate to do. make our bed. i only make it when charlie is home. haha!
20. handwriting.

21. favorite photo of you. i have a favorite picture from every stage of my life. but this one is the most recent favorite.
22. where i work. hard to take a picture of southern california, since i'm currently a traveling freelance cosmetologist thanks to deployment and the temporary move back home then moving out of state. i'm going to miss all my clients. :(
23. shoes.
24. inside my bathroom cabinet.

25. green. i love the bright green oregon moss. 
26. night.

27. something you ate. the heathy [well, healthier] dessert i made the night before warmed up with milk for breakfast. deeeeelish. cran-apple chia seed "cobbler". yummo.
28. money. my world traveling marine husband kept money from a few of the countries he's been to. we plan on adding to our 'round the world money collection throughout our lifetime. :)

29. something you're listening to. the sound of my veggies sizzlin'!

whew! there you have it! my february photo a day challenge. 
i'm so glad that's over with.
and i can't even tell you how thrilled i am that february [aka the longest month of my LIFE] is over! 
i've never been happier that march is here. [eeeeeeeeek! FINALLY!]

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