Wednesday, February 15, 2012

what i wore wednesdays.

looky who didn't forget to post what she wore today!
hey- it's still wednesday for another 46 minutes.
made it!

we finally had a cold and rainy day here in california.
it's been very dry this winter. looks like summer will be killer. yuck.
i took full advantage of this yummy weather and wore sweats and uggs all day!
even while i did today's one and only client's hair earlier. [shhh it's okay, aunt becky doesn't mind if i look like a shlump :)]

black v-neck: target. 
gray 'love pink' sweats: victoria's secret.
black uggs: anywhere uggs are sold. ex: nordstroms. i think i got these at 'the walking company'??

i know what you're thinking: "wha! no accessories today?!" i know.. weird.

see ya'll next wednesday!

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