Sunday, February 19, 2012

highlights of the (past two) weeks.

skipped last week. oopsies.
but i'll catch you guys up. no worries.

this baby came in the mail a couple weeks ago. 
world, here we come!

got the passport mainly for our [late] HONEYMOON CRUISE! 
here is my countdown. [which is now 78 days away! only the cool couples go on honeymoons 495 days after they're hitched. fyi.]
i'm only a little excited. 

our beautiful baby niece, madelyn, was blessed the other week at church. [for those of you who aren't of our faith, it's kind of like a baby being christened. learn more about it here.] wish we could have been there! 
go ahead and googoo-gaga over these precious pictures of her. 

we've been having perfect partly cloudy crisp days in california lately. which will only turn into hot days in no time. :( until then i'll soak it all up!

see? perfect.

our nephew has mastered the "cheese face" that his mother had down pat at his age, too. like mother like son!

is your heart melting yet? if not, be prepared. 
look what rowen sent his favorite auntie for valentines..
his little scribbles made me cry.
in a good way.
can't believe this little guy is already one and a half. 
and half my height. literally. 

speaking of valentines!
this was my mini chocolate treat on love day.

homemade chocolate pudding. mmmm.
didn't quite replace not having my yummy husband home to celebrate with me, but it was close enough. 
..not really. 

newly engaged best friend was in town the other day. 
so we had lunch. 
and talked wedding.
and took silly pictures. it's what we do best. 
love you li! ['bout time she's back into the blog world! follow liana's blog here.

deployment flowers #13 were delivered yesterday.
these just might be the most beautiful ones yet!
but, i say that every time.
i love my husband and his thoughtfulness.
i say that every time, too. [except more like everyday.. :)]

other blog worthy news that i didn't get a picture of..
-got a window of dates for charlie's homecoming! CAN'T. BE. MORE. EXCITED.
-my big buff marine had a VERY successful mission that was supposed to be 10 days but his company is so awesome that they got it done in 4. so proud. :) read about it here.
-we know SEVEN couples that have gotten engaged this past week and a half. so happy for all of them! love is in the air. ahhh :) ♥

aaaand that's all folks!


  1. oh my land's sam! i'm so glad you found my blog so i could find you yours! what an awesome woman you are! i can absolutely not imagine being away from the one you love most for months on end, you two are so strong, i love it! let's keep up with each other!

  2. thanks kimber! you are too sweet. and yes, let's! and i noticed you follow megan blackwelder's you personally know her?! we go waaaay back!


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