Tuesday, November 8, 2011

thankful post #8

november 8th, i'm thankful for...


as silly as this seems, i'm seriously so thankful for bagbalm! 
this stuff is the best.
i grew up using it and i know i'll use bagbalm forever! [gotta keep the tradition goin' :)]
i mainly use it for dry, chapped or cracked lips. works like a charm
i also use it on dry cuticles overnight and anywhere i have dry skin. LOVE IT.
it's originally meant for cow udders...kinda gross. 
but let's pretend it's not just so you're not afraid to try it.
oh! and bagbalm literally doesn't go bad. i've had the same tin for years. and i've only used about 25%. 
i'll probably have the same tin till i die.

bagbalm for life.


  1. Bagbalm is the best!! Right there with ya on this one :)

  2. hahaha. You'll have the same tin till you die. That made me laugh


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