Monday, November 7, 2011

thankful post #7

november 7th, we're thankful for...
our family.

this is an obvious one, of course, but it had to be said! 
we are so thankful to have such a loving, giving, supportive and caring family. it's a rare thing now-a-days to have families like our families. 
i'm thankful that both charlie and i grew up in a household that wasn't separated due to divorce. 
i'm thankful that our parents loved us unconditionally growing up and taught us so much, which both will make us the best parents we can be one day.
i'm thankful we both never went a day in our lives going hungry because our mamas love [and still love] to feed us :)
i'm thankful that we had hardworking dads.
i'm thankful we have awesome siblings that we can't imagine our life without.
i'm thankful that we have THE BEST nieces and nephews EVER! uncle charlie and auntie sam love you rowen, kenzie, daniel, josh, natalie, thomy, jeffery, elsie, and our soon-to-be-born gabriel and "baby mitchell"! [don't know if baby mitchell is a boy or girl yet :)] 

[not our entire family could make it to our wedding, so for all that aren't in this picture, we didn't forget about you in this post! ♥]

families are the best thing. 

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