Wednesday, November 30, 2011

thankful post #30 [last one!]

november 30th, charlie is thankful for..

"my wife, America and my family"

we were able to talk on the phone today and i asked what he is thankful for since this is the last thankful post being that tomorrow is december. [holy cow! where did this month go?!]
he is a man of few words when it comes to our blog. :)
but all those are fantastic things to be thankful for if i do say so myself.

and today, i'm thankful that i've officially lost 20 POUNDS
i've been achieving this goal for the past 13 weeks, so that makes it about a pound and a half loss a week. go me! [i would post before and after pictures on here, but i just can't get the courage to show the world what i look like in a sports bra and yoga pants. sorry 'bout it!]
only 15 more pounds to go.
psh, i can do that before mid march. piece of cake! err..vegetable?
even though i am doing this weight loss for ME, i can't help but imagine charlie's face when he sees me for the first time. ha priceless. [good thing i hired a photographer for his homecoming, eh?]


  1. great job on your weight loss! How are you doing it? I need to jumpstart my post baby #2 weight loss plan. Loved reading all of your thankful posts.

  2. thank you! i've been working out like a mad woman and i joined jenny craig. :) love it! but only because i'm not forced to make yummy meals and not eat them since my husband is currently away. haha!

  3. good job on the weight loss...but honestly- you didnt need it! you are beautiful! and, sorry to say, (i have this sneaking suspicion) charlie is not going to care if you showed up the same or 20 lbs heavier...he is going to be SO HAPPY to just see YOU! and hug you and feel you there in person...i just have this suspicion that, knowing charlie and the nice guy he is, this is going to be the LAST thing on his mind! but if that motivates you- take it and run! haha! love you sister!

  4. obviously charlie doesn't care haha (i think it might have bugged him if i was 20 pounds heavier only because that would put me to 65 pounds overweight on a 5'2" frame. not good) but he'll be happy that i can now keep up with his running workouts! he always begged me to go with him.
    aaaand yes, i did need to lose the weight. it almost bugs me when people tell me that i didn't! i was considered overweight and a few pounds from "technically" being "very overweight" for my height. didn't want to go there! i have the before and after pictures to prove it. i'll show ya when i see you. :)


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