Tuesday, November 29, 2011

thankful post #29

november 29th, i'm thankful for..

my husband!
[ain't he cute?]

i saved this post all the way until today [the 29th] because today is our 11 month wedding anniversary!
these 11 months FLEW by. [wasn't it just yesterday that i was planning our wedding..?!]
and since for a lot most of these months charlie has been gone at work, we both think that we'll be in the "honeymoon" stage for a whiiiiile. 
gotta make up for lost time ;)
[well, hello there..]

words cannot describe how blessed and thankful i am for charlie.
ever since i can remember, i always prayed for a loving, honest, hardworking, handsome, funny husband and i got just that and MORE! i never thought i'd score a man this awesome. 
charlie- i love you, babe! i can't wait for the day you finally get safely home from deployment so we can start back up our life together. thank you for choosing me to be your wife. mwah!

[workin' man]

my in-laws, sue and jeff- thank you thank you thank you for raising charlie to be the man he is today. i owe ya one! i'll pay you back with a few adorable grandkids when the time comes.. :) deal?

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