Wednesday, November 2, 2011

thankful post #2

november 2nd, i am thankful for:

a functioning body.

it may sound silly at first, but think about it: how lucky is a person that can see, hear, talk, walk, run, lift, sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, heal itself, remember information, breathe, think, read, cry, smile.. the list goes on and on...

whenever i'm dragging my body to go to the gym when i really don't feel like it, i always remind myself: 
"there are people in this world that would give ANYTHING to be able to simply walk, and i'm sitting here complaining that i need to work out when i'm fully capable of doing so?" 
i am so blessed and SO thankful for the healthy body i have. even though it's not perfect, it works. and that is all anyone could ask for.

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