Tuesday, November 1, 2011

thankful post #1

i will be trying my best to post one thing a day that i'm thankful for in the month of november.
even though i find [many] things to thank our Heavenly Father for everyday, november is just a gentle reminder of the little things to be thankful for :)

november 1st, i am thankful for:
letters from charlie.
[you like my grainy picture taken with my photobooth webcam? i was too lazy to get my camera. ha]

any and all communication we get to have [which unfortunately is very limited] means the WORLD to us. people everyday take advantage of the fact that they can simply sit down with their loved one and have a conversation about their day. people everyday take advantage of the fact that their loved one is in their presence. i am thankful that charlie and i get to learn this early on in our marriage how valuable simple communication is with each other. even a little thing like letters bring us closer together. and i'm so thankful for that.


  1. so true sam. thanks for saying that :)and there is no one else more perfect to do cute things like you do for charlie while he's on deplyment.


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