Friday, October 21, 2011

time's a flyyyyin!

because i've been so busybusybusy!
i got a second job at hobby lobby to..
a) earn more moola. and b) to keep me as busy as possible!
and that's exactly what it's been doing! feels SO weird to have a work schedule [i've been used to creating my own schedule for my clients for the past 3 years..ahhh the life of a freelancer :)]

in other news, charlie is still doing great out there! [considering the circumstances]
he's keeping very busy out there, too. barely any downtime!
we're a little over 1/4th DONE with this dang deployment! hallelujah!

my weight loss update: i'm on week 7, and have lost 11 pounds! wahoo!

so in a nut shell, not much is new. just BUSY! :)

and here's my latest care package to charlie. he probably got it sometime this past week. this one was the "inspirational" care package.. :) i hope he loved it!

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