Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the other side of the world

charlie's battalion downloaded a TON of pictures of his company today! [and by a TON i mean 119. yup, told ya. a ton.]
i only found one of charlie, so of course i'll post that one first :)
but there's a few other pictures that i liked that gave me a better idea of his surroundings for the next 6 months.

[charlie's the one in the sun glasses. he looks oh-so-handsome, doesn't he? :)]

here are the other pictures, mind you charlie isn't in any of these.
[a few locals]

[this is charlie's "base"]

[charlie's living conditions]

[more locals]

[green! in the afghanistan desert?!]

[i love this picture. the aircraft is HUGE!]

[laundry day!]

[home sweet home...kinda]

[this picture speaks volumes. as we are comfy cozy in our beds at night, think of our troops who sleep on rocks for our safety, and say a little prayer for them :)]


  1. These are great sam! it looks like he is doing well :) he's in our prayers

  2. thanks man! (or spencer...i'm not sure who's commenting haha) thank you for all the prayers. keep 'em comin'! xo

  3. great photos! thanks for posting these! totally get a better sense of where he's at and what its like. =)


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