Monday, July 11, 2011


i figured it's finally time to stop procrastinating writing about our wonderful 2 week vacation in fear that i'll start to forget the little details that made it great.

such as:
-spending quality time with charlie's family and our nieces & nephews.
-yummy food
-old friends
-charlie surprising me with a hot air balloon ride! [i swear, my man deserves a metal]
-4th of july: picnics, parades, bbq, fireworks
-our oregon wedding reception/open house
-hiking at silver falls
-touring the tillamook cheese factory
-chinese gardens in portland
-salem music festival
-watching my husband being SO fun and hands-on with our nieces & nephews [i'm beyond lucky, our kids are going to have the best dad.]
-lots of laughs
-visiting the portland temple
-enjoying the best summer weather possible. not too hot, not too cold. ahhh, bliss.

i feel like i'm forgetting so much! 
a BIG thank you to everyone that made this pre-deployment trip amazing.
especially my in-laws for letting us crash at your house for 2 weeks, feeding us and letting us borrow your cars!

and now, a lot of pictures. [just warning you!]

until next year, oregon.
and this time probably for good. :)


  1. I think it's funny how my kids (especially the younger two) look like they could belong to you and Charlie. :)

  2. Oh, and you forgot "listen to a 4 year old tantrum for 30 minutes." Fun times.

  3. hahahaha i seriously wonder what was in that porta-potty!

  4. Hey, you totally stole that last one!

  5. yup, i love it so much that i snatched it up! thanks :)


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