Monday, July 11, 2011

better late than never!

we started off our trip to oregon by ALMOST MISSING OUR FLIGHT!
stressed is the word.
actually, it's an understatement about how i was feeling.
because, i honestly don't get stressed. it's a rare thing. so when i DO it's so foreign to me that i laugh and cry at the same time my brain is going a mile a minute.
why did we almost miss our flight, you ask?
well, we can thank the good 'ol marine corps for that one.
our flight was schedule for 6:55pm so we figured we needed to be there at the latest by 6. which means we need to leave by 5 to get through traffic [even though the airport is only 20 minutes from our home...gotta love orange county drivers!] which means charlie needed to be off by 4 or 4:30.
his leave request papers were signed months in advance that he was allowed to get off work that day at 4:30.
so when the time came, he tried leaving.
ya, didn't work too well...
apparently some people don't care that we had to make a flight to go to charlie's hometown to spend time with his family before he serves our country for 7 months in the most dangerous country right now! UGH. [whew...had to let that one out]
so charlie calls me at 4:45:
C: "babe...we're not going to make it tonight. do me a favor and look to see what our options are for buying another flight or getting a stand by one for tonight or tomorrow"
i weigh out our options. i look online for last minute deals. i call our travel agent...nothing.
nothing under $700 for two on a last minute flight that is.
umm..hi, we're newlyweds that are trying to save up money. we don't exactly have an extra $700 bucks in our pockets.
*que praying*
*que tears*
charlie calls again at 5:30:
C: "they just left be off at 5:10. just wait for me and we'll go to the airport together to see what we can do."
*que more praying*
Charlie comes running in the door at 6:05, changes clothes in lightening speed, and we're on our way.
basically the only way we're going to make it is if the plane is delayed. but there's no way that'll happen..right?
we pull up to the airport at 6:56pm [mind you, our flight was at 6:55pm]
and what do i hear at the check-in desk?
"hello mr. and mrs. osborne, your flight has been delayed until 7:29pm"
we made it by the hairs of our chinny-chin-chin.

"thank you" is all i could say that night.


  1. Somehow, almost all of Charlie's trips home have been like that. Ask him some time about his Christmas flights the year we were in the middle of a snow storm. It makes this last one look like a walk in the park.

  2. sue, he told me about that flight while we were driving up to oregon last october! crazy story!


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