Monday, April 18, 2011

happy girl

it's amazing how one little 17 minute phone call from my husband who's been working without a cell phone for the last 6 days can turn my whooole mood right around. :)
that unexpected phone call literally made my night.
i know maybe for some of you, six days without talking to your spouse may be a little "vacation", but come onnn we're newlyweds for pete's sake! :)
a day without talking to my husband is a day wasted.
haha! okay, i'll be a little less dramatic.
how's this:
a day without talking to my husband sucks!
while we were dating and engaged i never realized how much he made me laugh, and i mean belly laugh, on a daily basis.
don't get me wrong, i knew that i thought all his jokes were funny, and i laughed a lot around him.[come on people, i could never marry someone that didn't make me crack up]
but i really realized it after we got married and he was gone training in the field for 2 weeks. we weren't able to speak once in those 14 days [helloooo marine corp...that's not very nice of you to hold my husband hostage like that! sheesh ;) ] and honestly...i don't remember laughing hard while he was gone.
how sad.
see that? i caught myself rambling on & on.
i'm surprised you're still even reading this.
point of this post:
SO glad charlie snuck away to get his phone this evening just so he could hear my voice and know i was okay.
i am so blessed to have a caring husband.

the end :)

1 comment:

  1. Aw that was cute :) Don't worry girl I still get that way after almost two years. Oh and of course Charlie makes you crack up! :D He's an Osborne you know! ;)


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