Thursday, April 28, 2011

bragging rights

i'd just have to say that i'm the only auntie in this world to have THE CUTEST nieces and nephews. [one nephew by blood, and the other 7 by marriage]
my sister, janelle and my sister-in-law, annie both have 8 month old babies. [born exactly a week apart] and both send me videos and pictures galore. which i LOVE! [bethany and jenny...get in with the trend! wink wink..]
so since i have the most pictures of rowen and elsie out of the bunch, i thought "umm hello? i need to share with the world the cutest babies ever"

so here you are, world.

ladies first!
little miss Elsie

[auntie sam & uncle charlie love and miss you verrrry much, elsie! we wish you didn't live so far away! can't wait to see you again cutie pie!]

and now..
the most handsome little man in town!

[ohhh rowen. i love you as if you were my own. you bring your auntie sam so much happiness. xoxo]

our future kids have A LOOOOT of livin' up to do in the cuteness department. 

and to mckenzie, daniel, josh, natalie, jeffery & thomy...we didn't forget about you all either! you guys are the funnest & adorable kids ever. love you all to pieces! 


  1. Aww thanks Sam! :) Rowen is so cute! I love the pic of Janelle throwing him in the air. :D You know I didn't know how I was ever going to love my own kids more than my nieces and nephews but man... it's possible! It's amazing how much love you can have. And having her made me love my nieces and nephews even more! Which I didn't think was possible cuz I already loved them so much!

  2. You have more nieces and nephews than I do! But that's probably because my kids account for half of yours. And I'm sure your kids will be PLENTY cute themselves! It helps when you start with beautiful parents! I don't really take many pictures of the kids with my phone, but I guess I could start if you want me to. :)


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