Sunday, March 20, 2011

what's wrong with my camera?

sorry for all the blurry pictures that will be in this post. don't know what's up with my camera, it's been acting up on me and i'm NOT happy about it.
i already asked for a super nice nikon camera for my birthday...which is 9 months away. always thinkin'!

lately i've been slacking on posts. not okay samantha, NOT okay.
but it's only cause what fun are posts without pictures? that's fun! and blurry pictures are even less fun. so blurry photos=no posts. see? good reason, right?
welp, too bad. this post will have blurry pictures. :)

last week charlie and i celebrated my friend sara's birthday at Lazy Dog Café and we snapped a couple pictures..

then tonight [well..last night. just looked at the clock. 1:40 am. *yawn*] the two of us wanted to do a little date night. we headed out to RA sushi then we found a place here to mini golf! yay!
ain't he handsome? :)

haha! i love this one.

tee-ing off from a bench. i'm pretty sure he got a hole in one off of it, too!

my purse broke :(

"char-char" won by 10. boooo

tonight was a much needed date night :)

p.s. notice a pattern in charlie's outfit the past two weekends? i think he likes my valentine's present i got for him. hehe :)


  1. My camera gets blurry when the batteries are low. Check them.

  2. hmm...that's possible! but it's a rechargeable battery, not throw away ones. maybe it's time for a new battery all together.

  3. haha- i was gonna say Charlie REALLY likes that shirt! Aaaand, my camera has been blurry lately, too! boo!


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