Sunday, March 20, 2011


i've recently discovered scentsy! [thanks to my good friend kamerin]
and i think i'm in love.
charlie loves it even more. which was a huge surprise to me!

i love anything and everything that make my home smell yummy and feel more cozy.
candles...febreez...diffusers...and now SCENTSY!
it's kiiinda pricey but i'm learning that a little wax cube lasts forever. [one pack of wax comes with about 8 cubes and i've had this for over a month and just put a new cube in. one scent pack will definitely last for a good 8 to 9 months]
all scentsy products are flameless and for this reason i was a little skeptical about it. since helloooo i LOVE candles. but i thought i'd give it a try.
thank goodness i did because we love our little scentsy plug in wall light!

the melted wax that was previously a cube and will harden as it cools when turned off
[too bad there's no such thing as "scratch'n'sniff" blogging]

i adore the smell of vanilla
[weird since i'm such a chocoholic]
and i can't wait to try new smells and other cute plug-ins!


  1. Oh good! Now I have ideas for gifts for you! Didn't I show you my scentsy stuff when you were up here? If not, I apologize. You had to live without it for months for no good reason except that I forgot to share. Just a note though, not all scents last as long. I've had some that only last about a week before I have to put in a new cube.

  2. i don't remember if you showed me them or not..? what scents do you like? :)

  3. OK, here's the scents I have: Camu camu, Havana Cabana, Skinny Dippin' (those are all good summery scents), Cinnamint, Cranberry spice, and Plum Delicious (all wintery scents). Apparently Camu Camu is my absolute favorite because I just used the last square today. That's the first one I've used completely.

  4. BTW, cinnamint you would probably hate. It smells like cinnamon gum. And for the first day or so it's so strong it gives me a headache.

  5. ooo you've recommended some gooood scents. thank you! and i'll stay far, faarr away from cinnamint.

  6. I'll have to remember you like these! I personally do not like them. I love candles too much. Mom got me a scentsy thingy once. I thought the smell ran out real fast. Plus- no little flame?! But Im so happy you love them!


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