Thursday, January 20, 2011

what i love about being married (so far)

i just thought i'd take a minute to think of everything that i love about being married so far. [sometimes if i write things down, somehow they mean more and i'm even more thankful for them]

-sharing all my evenings and weekends with my husband in our home. i love that every time he comes home to work, he comes home to me. sounds selfish haha oh well.

-making dinner every night to the least pickiest man ALIVE. i can make anything and everything and he'll always go for seconds :)

-falling asleep and waking up together. nothin' like it.

-having a new last name :)

-being able to write notes like this back and forth to each other on the white board on our fridge...
[our future dog is a Weimaraner. we've already named him Wrangler]

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