Sunday, January 16, 2011

'twas the season

i'm aware that christmas was last month and that i haven't gotten around to update you all on it, but at least i have a pretty good excuse ;)

anyways, we had a wonderful first christmas together.
on christmas eve, we made bigger and better gingerbread houses, as promised!
here are the results...
charlie's house was completed with it's very own outhouse AND a peppermint graveyard.
pretty impressive.

but not as impressive as my POND in the front yard! 
chyeah. awesome, i know ;)

that night, charlie stayed at my parents house so we could do christmas morning presents and breakfast all together.
i honestly wasn't expecting much from my family since they've already put so much money and effort into our wedding [which was the next week] but being the generous people my family are, they didn't spare us on christmas.
i got two houndstooth scarfs [two of my favorite things combined! houndstooth and scarfs. i was a happy girl to say the least] a purple sweater, a GIANT cookbook [all wifeys need the huge better homes & garden cookbook...right?] chocolate [of course!] and baking pans from williams-sonoma and a few other things.
charlie got spoiled by santa! [aka: my mom and dad]

he now has a tool box loaded with nifty tools which have definitely come in handy moving into a new place! as a matter of fact while i was typing this, mr. handyman was hanging up a toilet paper roll holder in our bathroom! i love having a handy husband.

merry christmas 2010!


  1. Yay! A tp holder! I almost had Chris put one up while we were there, but decided that maybe there was a reason you didn't have one. :)

  2. oh very much so! he's always trying to find something to fix or make better around here. i love it.

  3. Sounds like Chris. He's always got some project going on.

  4. He must have gotten it from me.


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