Monday, December 13, 2010


here's a little slideshow of some of our engagement pictures.
we're very happy how they came out & we can't wait to see what our wedding pictures will look like!
*photos by Terina Matthews


  1. As I was watching that, I thought about how many years we could not get that boy to smile in photos. So good for you!

  2. Woohoo!! You're a hot tamale chicky poo! :D Charlie is looking very beefy lately. ;)

  3. thanks annie ;) and charlie would love to hear that you think he's looking beefy haha

  4. ohh! so cute. love them :) you even have your favorite, houndstooth, on! i remember, see? you LOVE houndstooth. haa!

    p.s. they have the cutest b&w houndstooth throw blanket at target right now. i just bought it! go get one! hurry!

  5. good memory, molly :) i saw that at target, too! i'm surprised i didn't buy it..what was i thinking?!


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