Monday, December 20, 2010

sam's birthday

last saturday, december 18th, was my birthday!
and for all of you that don't know. i LOVE my birthday.
why?  i have two main reasons, which are..
-it's MY day. so i get to do whatever i want. :)
-i'm another year older which is much better than the alternative. [death]

so, yes. my birthday is my favorite day of the year. 
but i think from now on, our wedding anniversary will probably be my favorite day of the year. 
birthday will definitely come in 2nd place, though.

earlier last week, charlie told me he thought he most likely wouldn't be able to make it on my birthday because of stupid work.
i cried.
ya ya ya make fun of me. but all i wanted was to spend my favorite day of the year with my favorite person :)
luckily!! he was able to get the whole weekend off! [now that's love right there ;)]
and i was supposed to work on my birthday, which was fine. but i found out the day before i didn't have to go in because a lot of people cancelled their appointments yadda yadda yadda.
i was one happy girl that, a) charlie got the weekend off and b) no work!

sooo, what did i do on my day?
i slept in, wrapped christmas presents, went to lunch with the fiancé to chili's, relaxed, opened presents, had dinner and banana cream cheesecake with my family, charlie and a few friends, played apples to apples and scattergories, and then went bowling. fun day :)

p.s. i'm lucky to be marrying a man with good taste in jewelry...
i love my locket. thanks, charlie!

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